Hotel Panorama Trenčianske Teplice s.r.o.,

registered office: Nádražná 2922/12, 914 51 Trenčianske Teplice

Establishment: Hotel Panorama, Nádražná 12, 914 51 Trenčianske Teplice

Complaint procedure

Article 1

Basic provisions

The service provider is governed by the provisions in accordance with the provisions of § 619 to 627 of the Civil Code as amended and § 411 to 441 of the Commercial Code as amended and Act no. 250/2007 Coll. on consumer protection of the Civil Code no. 40/1964 Coll. as amended, which amend them and the regulations issued for its implementation.

Article 2

                                                   The customer’s right to make a complaint

In the event that the customer is provided with services of a lower quality, or of a lower extent than previously agreed, or as usual in any of the facilities of the Hotel Panorama, the customer has the right to make a complaint.

Article 3

Application of complaint

 If the customer finds out the reasons and facts that may be the subject of a complaint, he is obliged to file a possible complaint immediately without undue delay with the hotel manager or with an employee in the facility where the service was provided. In the interest of the fast course of the complaint equipment, it is expedient for the customer to submit documents on the provision of the service / a copy of the order, an invoice, etc. / when making such a complaint, if such a document is available. If required by the nature of the claimed service, it is necessary for the customer to submit the matter of which he alleges an error when making a complaint. Hotel manager Mrs. Ing. Eva Šimunková or another employee enters the customer’s complaint in the complaint book stating the objective circumstances of the complaint. If this is not possible, the owner of the Panorama Hotel is obliged to inform the customer about the time of handling the complaint, which, however, must not be longer than 30 days.Article 4

                                                                           Mistakes removable

  1. Catering services.

In the area of catering services, if the correct quality, weight, temperature, rate, price are not observed, the customer has the right to request free, proper and timely elimination of the mistake.. Complaints in these cases are made by the customer before the first tasting of food and beverages, or after its tasting / it means that it should not be consumed more than ¼ from a portion of food or drink / depending on what mistake the customer is complaining about.

2.Accommodation services.

In the area of accommodation services, the customer has the right to free, proper and timely elimination of deficiencies, i.e. j. replacement or addition of small equipment within the scope of the Decree of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic no. 125/1995 LowColl.

 Article 5

                                                         Unrecoverable mistakes

        In case it is not possible to eliminate technical mistakes in the hotel room / failure of heating system, air conditioning system, poor hot water consumption, etc./and if the hotel can not provide the customer with other alternative accommodation and the room will be rented to the customer despite these deficiencies, the customer has right to:

                         Reasonable discount from the price according to the valid price list

     Cancellation of a confirmed order or contract before overnight stay and refund

In the event that the unilateral decision will lead to a substantial change in accommodation opposite confirmed accommodation in the contract and the customer does not agree with the alternative accommodation also has the right to cancel a confirmed order, or contract before staying overnight and refund.

Article 6

                                           Deadlines for application of complaint

The customer is obliged to file a complaint immediately, without undue delay, otherwise the right to make a complaint expires.

Article 7

                                              Customer’s partnership at the claim

The customer is obliged to personally participate in the handling of the complaint, he is obliged to provide objective information regarding the service provided. If required by the nature of the matter, the customer must allow hotel staff access to the space rented to him for temporary accommodation in order to ascertain the justification of the complaint.

                                                                      Article 8

The customer has the right to alternative resolution of consumer disputes under Act no. 391/2015 LowColl.

                                                                       Article 9

                                                                  Final provision

For handling complaints at the Panorama is responsible Mrs. Ing. Eva Šimunková – manager of the Panorama hotel.

This complaint procedure enters into force on 6.5.2015


Ing. Marta Mišíková

executive manager