GDPR data protection statement

Please, take a moment to read through information regarding personal data protection.

Why do we gather information?

Information is gathered to simplify the reservation process between a customer and an accomodation services provider, to offer additional services where a customer consents to receive such offers as well as to improve this process in the future

What is the purpose of gathering information?

  • Course and support of a reservation system
  • Process of willing registration of a customer to newsletter subscription
  • Use of the system statistics for its possible improvement
  • Gathered information serves to no other purpose nor is it sent out to third parties without consent

Who can access some or all of the information gathered?

  • Accomodation services provider who handles a reservation
  • Provider of a web page and a reservation form
  • Institutions within their lawful rights

What kind of access do we guarantee for our customers to information concerning them?

Access to information is provided to anyone upon request.

If You think that our websites or systems gathered incorrect information or if you have any objections to this information, please contact us.

Cookies terms and conditions

What are Cookies?

Cookies are data that store information in your browser and they are commonly used to recognise users. An individual, however, can not be identified based on this data.

What do we use cookies for?

  • to ensure a website functionality and finish reservation process with as smoothly as possible,
  • to find out what kind of websites our customers use

Which cookies do we use?

Cookies used on our websites can be divided into 2 basic types based on durability:

  • session cookies that are temporary and only stay in your browser whilst open
  • persistent cookies that stay in your browser longer and and can be deleted manually or their deletion depends on browser settings

Cookies types based on function:

  • conversion cookies that help us analyze performance of different sales channels
  • tracking cookies when combined with conversion cookies help to analyze performance of some sales channels
  • remarketing cookies help us to personalize ads content
  • analytical cookies that help us increase user experience of our website so we can understand how users use it
  • essential cookies are important for basic website functionality

Some of the cookies can collect information that are then used by third parties and they for example directly support our advertisement activities (so called “third party cookies”). However, it is not possible to identify you based on this data.

Cookies we use help us improve our web pages.

If you do not with to accept cookies you can change your browser settings. Help section in your browser tells you how to change this setting. You can also visit which contains complex information about how to manage cookies in wide variety of browsers.

Please, keep in mind that if cookies are blocked, you may not be able to fully use all the functions of these web pages, especially completing your reservation in our system.